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Which Areas Of Face Should Be Treated With Botox?

Question: Which Areas Of My Face Should Be Treated With Botox? Answer: Botox forehead only Botox is used to balance eyebrows, calm down over active forehead muscles and smooth lines and wrinkles of the upper face and neck. The mouth and lip area would require a hyaluronic filler such as Juvederm to lift, smooth and support the Read More…

Facelift Surgery or Liquid Facelift To Achieve My Goal?

Question: Would it be better to get a facelift surgery or liquid facelift to achieve my goal look? Answer: Liquid facelift adds volume A liquid facelift are various injectable fillers that lift, add volume and contour to a face. It is excellent to fill cheeks, temples, lips and contour the mid-face. A facelift is ideal Read More…

The Best Way to Choose Plastic Surgery of Your Face

The Best Way to Choose Plastic Surgery of Your Face: How to Decide? Recently, I have looked into remodeling my home. A few contractors were invited to offer opinions and suggestions. The startling reality is that your face and your home have much in common, as both require upkeep to look their best. Choosing a Read More…

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty? Scarring?

Question: Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty? Scarring? Answer: Optimal Rhinoplasty The two approaches for a rhinoplasty are the open approach, where a small scar is left on the underside of the nose, or the closed method. The open method scar is minimal and allows the surgeon to visualize underlying tissues to a greater degree. Back scars cannot Read More…