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“It is amazing! My turkey neck is gone. I’m going to throw away my turtleneck sweaters. Why hide this neck?”

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Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty? Scarring?

Question: Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty? Scarring? Answer: Optimal Rhinoplasty The two approaches for a rhinoplasty are the open approach, where a small scar is left on the underside of the nose, or the closed method. The open method scar is minimal and allows the surgeon to visualize underlying tissues to a greater degree. Back scars cannot Read More…

When You Get IPL, Does Your Skin Initially Look Older?

Question: When You Get IPL, Does Your Skin Initially Look Older? Answer: IPL for skin pigmentation. IPL  or intense pulsed light targets pigmentation: brown from age and sun and shrinks blood vessels. It also shrink pores but will not create laxity in the skin. Find Out More About IPL Here:


Love vanishes not into the darkness of nightfall, nor does it abide by the transients that marks the sands of time It is not held back by the fleeting wings of Mercury; nor can it be masked by a Venetian masquerade No, it stands forthright in the breeze of despair, shines in the dim light Read More…

Unicorn of Love

Valentine’s Day is the Unicorn of Love Happy Valentine’s Day to all! The nature of this day is to surround ourselves with the essence of concern, consideration, caring and warmth for our family, friends and significant other(s). Like the magnificent Unicorn who strides boldly about with a recognizable profile, the emotions of this heartfelt holiday Read More…

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