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Ear Contouring

Otoplasty or Reshaping of the ears

The ears are like flowers, each is unique to the individual.  Our ears lie on the sides of our head and protrude slightly.  Gentle curves and valleys depict the topography of the ear.

When the ears protrude excessively from the head or portions of the ear(s) are flat, pointy, or misshapen they can cause tremendous anxiety.  Those with unflattering ears often wear hats or have long hair to cover the ear or ears.

Dr. Rosenthal has created ear reshaping procedures that are a combination of his vast plastic surgical skills and his artistic abilities.  While many surgeons will merely pin the ears back, Dr. Rosenthal sculpts the cartilage to fashion natural appearing ears so you look and feel your best.


The first step towards sculpting your ear(s) is a complete consultation where Dr. Rosenthal will listen to you concerns.  He will examine your face and ears to evaluate balance and symmetry after which Dr. Rosenthal will customize a procedure for you.  The benefits and potential risks will be outlined as well as what is to be expected from the procedure.  You will have ample opportunity to address any concerns that you may have and ask questions.  Dr. Rosenthal is calm, compassionate and understanding and he realizes that you are anxious.  He will put you at ease and you will leave the consultation well informed, relaxed and confident that you have chosen a knowledgeable surgeon and artist who take your trust seriously.


Reshape and sculpt irregularities of the ear(s) while balancing their overall appearance with the face.

Who requests an Otoplasty?

Adults and children that present with protruding ears that may also have lost many of the curves and contours can benefit from an Otoplasty.

It is truly a work of art to reshape the delicate contours of the ear and prevent them from protruding from the sides of the head. This surgery produces a positive psychological boost.

Although an attempt is made to balance the ears, there can only be relative symmetry obtained between the ears. Producing a perfect match is impossible as both ears are totally different. But then again, we only see one ear at a time; so they need only to resemble one another, which they will.

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“I could never thank you enough for everything you have done for my son these past two years.”

“I always wore a hat to cover my ears. Now I wear my hair up and show them off.”

“An otoplasty changed my child’s life. She was reclusive and withdrawn. Now she is having fun with her friends and no longer embarrassed.”



Before and After Photos of Otoplasty or Reshaping of the Ears

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