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With my new youthful look, I feel like you’ve given me a fighting chance to go out there and somehow, someday get it done! I will be forever grateful.” — MG

Jeffrey Rosenthal MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon l Former, Chief Plastic Surgery at Bridgeport Hospital

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"Where Art Meets Science"

Dr. Rosenthal’s Philosophy

Dr.Rosenthal.05.2012Having been in private practice since 1985 has afforded me the opportunity to create a host of procedures that are individualized for each and every one of my patients. The surgery is only one component of the overall procedure. A careful evaluation to determine the best procedure and the fashioning of a plan for your overall care is just as crucial. My preparation for surgery is predicated upon my ability to bring about a wonderful alteration that is natural and will bring much joy. Every aspect of the surgery is planned for, including my keeping fit to not fatigue, eating a special breakfast and performing my own unique form of eye hand coordination exercise, which amounts to juggling. I take great pride in my work and make every effort to have the outcome be an incredible success story for my patients. One of my favorite enjoyments is to hear my patients exclaim that they love the results and are so very pleased that they cannot stop smiling. My entire staff is dedicated to this planning so that each step of your journey is guided by us.

The consultation is the starting point. From here we set up a day of surgery that fits into your schedule. My office staff will smooth the way for you. You will receive care instructions before the surgery that outlines what we both can do to improve your results and make you comfortable before, during and after surgery. Additionally, you will have all of your prescriptions and know how to use them prior to surgery. We want you to be relaxed and know that you are in the very finest of hands.

When the day of surgery arrives, I will be with you to smooth your way. It is my goal to look out for your well being, which I take very seriously. Once the procedure has started my aim is to do the very best I can for you.

It is important to know that I never rush through your surgery and realize that being gentle and caring during the procedure will afford you an optimal outcome. Often I am asked how long surgery will take. My only answer “is as long as I need for both of us to be satisfied and happy with the outcome”.

Every patient is important to me. You have entrusted me with your care, and as such I consider you unique. No two surgeries are ever the same; each is tailored to match your particular needs. Once the healing has been completed we will both be delighted. I view my surgery as an extension of my art, having had exhibits of my painting, sculpting, writing, stone, metal and copper in both the United States and France.

Your care continues for weeks after the end of the surgery. We will maintain close contact with you after the procedure, which is our personalized care. After the surgery is complete, we like to have frequent evaluations of your healing status in my office to ensure that all goes as smoothly as planned. My goal is to do the best surgery, and this encompasses all the nurturing care that is necessary for you to have a truly wonderful outcome and experience.

Hearing my patients profess how they love the way they look and feel is what drives me. We look forward to your joining our satisfied family of patients.


My staff and I will do your utmost to take amazing care of you. When you offer your trust and confidence in us by becoming a member of my family of patients, we not only take this very seriously but know that we need to earn your trust. Looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside is what we will accomplish together. Beauty comes from within. We just assist in bring it out.
Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, M.D.

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