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Botox Injections

Do you want a smooth, relaxed and pretty upper face? Then “Botox” is just what Dr. Rosenthal will suggest for you. Dr. Rosenthal, with offices in Fairfield and Greenwich, Connecticut, uses his artistic eye and medical experience to diminish facial lines and wrinkles, especially forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. If you want to look great without that frozen look, then we have the answer. Dr. Rosenthal has developed these personalized techniques to afford you a beautifully relaxed appearance so you can look your best!

The muscles of the face allow you to express emotion which gives you your unique and one-of-a kind personality. With selective placement of Botox, the muscles of the upper face, forehead, between the eyebrows and along the outer eye orbit or “crow’s feet” can be balanced, softened and made to look calmer, more relaxed, less angry and tired looking. The large forehead muscles create the horizontal lines and pull against the eyebrow and lid muscles. The harder they all tug, the more lines and wrinkles you see. The muscles on the inside of each eyebrow cause additional lines and folds. When these muscle contract they drag the brows downward making the face appear angry. Likewise, the muscles next to the outer lids pull the outer brow tail down, accentuating crow’s feet.

The first step toward facial rejuvenation is a complete consultation where Dr. Rosenthal will listen to your concerns. He will examine your face, after which he will customize a plan for you. The benefits and potential risks will be outlined as well as what is to be expected from the procedure. You will have ample opportunity to address any concerns that you may have and to ask questions. Dr. Rosenthal is calm, compassionate and understanding and he realizes that you are anxious. He will put you at ease and you will leave the consultation well informed, relaxed and confident that you have chosen a knowledgeable surgeon and artist who takes your trust seriously. He believes that optimum results are obtained when the three areas of the forehead are balanced. The rationale for his “zonal approach” will be thoroughly outlined for you.


Question: Why do foreheads look frozen with Botox or Xeomin? I am 40 with the start of wrinkles but want to look natural!

Answer: A Natural and Refreshed appearance is essential.

mount rushmore for ad botox nps photoLooking Stone-faced without the ability to show emotion or animation is ideal if you are a national monument but “not great” if you wish to look natural.  Looking refreshed after Botox or Xeomin, a new Botox like product, which works in a similar manner, requires identifying how the muscles of the forehead and brow work together and which are more powerful or less active.  Additionally, every face is not symmetrical, so the placement of Xeomin & Botox must be placed to create harmony of the upper face and balance the eyebrow position.

These purified proteins:  Xeomin & Botox, work upon the underlying muscles to prevent them from contracting vigorously which causes the deep lines and wrinkles.  Using selective placement of Xeomin & Botox with micro-injections the lines soften and the quality of the forehead skin improves.  This is a true test of blending science and art.

The best appearance is when balance and harmony are restored to your upper face.  Sparkling eyes, smoother forehead skin and rebalanced eyebrows make all the difference between being Stone-faced and looking refreshed. 

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Dr. Rosenthal believes that the benefit of Botox is to produce a calm, rested and pretty upper face. The more emotion you show, the deeper these wrinkles and lines are likely to be. A tug of war between the muscles of the face is ongoing and leaves the face in a constant state of tension and imbalance. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by contractions of the delicate underlying facial muscles every time you smile, laugh or frown. Dr. Rosenthal’s objective is to balance the upper facial muscles that cause deep lines, wrinkles and bulges that make you look tired or angry.

Aging causes a gradual process of volume loss and skin alteration. As part of the normal aging process, we find the muscles, fat and bones of the face lose fullness and contour. The overlying skin begins to suffer a loss of firmness and elasticity. The eyebrows droop and the skin of the upper lids becomes excessive, causing the forehead muscle to elevate upward – resulting in deep wrinkles and furrows. Some facial lines are caused from excessive or long-term animation of the face. Botox can balance the pull of the facial muscles and often elevate the outer portion of the brows.

Balancing the muscles is accomplished by Botox Sculpting in the hands of Dr. Rosenthal, where he places tiny amounts of Botox in selective muscles of the upper face to allow a harmonious balance and relaxation to occur. Excessive frown lines and deeper wrinkles of the face are softened and replaced by a lovely and natural appearance. Dr. Rosenthal may take a bit longer to produce this effect, but the benefits of Botox sculpting are well worth it.

Deeply ingrained lines of the facial skin will not be erased by Botox injections. Only those lines caused by muscular activity will be improved or softened to a great degree. Botox injections improve the appearance of worry lines, frown lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet and other dynamic wrinkles. Imagine a rope pulled upon by 6 large individuals on one side and 4 on the other. Remove 2 from the larger side and you balance the force and tension of the rope tugging. The object is not to remove motion from all of the upper face muscles. Having motion in these muscles is attractive and natural; hence, selective injection of groups of muscles is the key to a balanced, attractive face.

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“Have to share my unbelievably great experience getting Botox with Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal in Fairfield, CT. If you have been thinking about it and hesitant, don’t be. I don’t know any other surgeon who would spend at least 40 minutes on Botox injections. It is not just your forehead, and that space between your brows, its balancing your brows to match, and on the side of your eyes and making sure there are no lumps or bumps.
In other words, perfection. You look relaxed and you look refreshed. I believe because he is an accomplished artist as well as a fabulous doctor, the results are 5 star. I am so glad I had opportunity to do. Trust him totally with every service he performs.” 


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