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“Thank you so much for the artistic work that you so carefully applied to my face. It’s natural, beautiful, and I do love it.” — JG

Jeffrey Rosenthal MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon l Former, Chief Plastic Surgery at Bridgeport Hospital

140 Sherman Street, Fairfield, CT 06824
Rosenthal Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center

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Juvéderm Testimonials

“Great bedside manners, Dr Rosenthal’s work is very natural, for sure he is a true artist. Voluma is what he has recommended for loss of volume on the cheeks to many of my clients and the results are spectacular. Botox injections are appropriately placed according to one’s facial expressions, He listens to your desires and he is very realistic in keeping your natural contours without changing you… I think most of us. Want to look like our younger selfs and not like someone else and he is very mindful of that. I invite you to visit his website and office. I know winter is being long, skin gets dry and we are ready to feel refresh!!! Well he will definitely will achieve that for you.. Such a great feeling, most of all I trust him because he is a board certified plastic surgeon….Thank you Dr Rosenthal for making me feel refreshed .”

“Dear Dr. Rosenthal – I spent so much time thinking about doing some fillers around my mouth. I saw the commercials but I also saw so many people that just looked like their lips were fake and they clearly looked different after having done it. I didn’t want to look different and I didn’t want to look fake – I just wanted the volume back that I had lost. I must admit I was scared but loved the before and after photos I saw on your website – which looked so natural. I couldn’t be happier having come to your office and having had Juvéderm. I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted – the volume of my youth and just great compliments on how good I look – no one seems to know exactly what I’ve had done – just that I look great”. Thank you so very much for making me look better and not different!”.

Lindsay S.

“Thank you so much for the artistic work that you so carefully applied to my face. It’s natural, beautiful, and I do love it.”
“Thank you for making my first Juvéderm experience so positive. I just LOVE putting makeup on my fuller lips and more youthful looking face. I was so nervous about doing this – and I’m so grateful I found the best doctor to do it – thank you to you and your wonderful staff”.

Maryellen T.

“I was concerned that my lips would look like a fish.  Dr. Rosenthal sculpted them to bring out the natural contours.  No fish look here. Just naturally great.”


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