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Voluma is a Hyaluronic acid similar to that found in the skin.  The results are quite amazing, as your face is restored to that of a youthful and refreshed you. The object is to maintain your facial characteristics and personal identity.

Before & After

As we all age the face loses volume composed of loss of the underlying fat, muscle and bone.  This loss of facial volume leaves the face hollow, concave and sunken with folds of skin hanging over the sides of the mouth.  The deep hollows below the eyes are attributable to this loss of volume, too.

Using a combination of products, including Voluma, the hollows and depressions are lifted. The cheek mounds are elevated along with the depressions under the eyes, which are also smoothed, and the folds of overhanging skin near the mouth are re-supported.  The sculpting of Voluma is crucial for excellent and natural results.  Having a critical eye and artistic bent is important when injecting Voluma. A natural appearance is the key to having a rejuvenated appearance.

The first step is to analyze the areas of concern.  Dr. Rosenthal, with offices in Fairfield and Greenwich, Connecticut then maps out the facial areas to be smoothed and lifted.  Voluma is then placed and then molded by hand.  This artistic sculpting results in a smooth, natural and refreshed appearance.  The best news is that the results are fairly instantaneous.  A touch of makeup and you are set for the day or evening event.

Voluma feels natural to the touch and when properly placed, looks natural, as well. It is a synthesized product so that is well tolerated with minimal side effects of bruising and swelling.

Although, fairly recent to the United States, it has been used in Europe for quite some time. Likewise it has been proven to be safe with a high satisfaction rating among Dr. Rosenthal’s patients.  Voluma is but one component in the “Rosenthal Liquid Facelift”.

The goal is happy and satisfied patients who feel like “they have style that they can wear anywhere”.



Voluma Testimonial

“Great bedside manners, Dr Rosenthal’s work is very natural, for sure he is a true artist. Voluma is what he has recommended for loss of volume on the cheeks to many of my clients and the results are spectacular. Botox injections are appropriately placed according to one’s facial expressions, He listens to your desires and he is very realistic in keeping your natural contours without changing you… I think most of us. Want to look like our younger selfs and not like someone else and he is very mindful of that. I invite you to visit his website and office. I know winter is being long, skin gets dry and we are ready to feel refresh!!! Well he will definitely will achieve that for you.. Such a great feeling, most of all I trust him because he is a board certified plastic surgeon….Thank you Dr Rosenthal for making me feel refreshed .” BS


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