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IPl or Intense Pulsed Light



IPl gives you back the skin tone that you only dreamt about.  Smoother skin that is brighter and a bit tighter.  Your skin will look and feel more lustrous.

IPl is simply amazing in how it targets brown pigment from age, sun and the environment.  It is just as affective in treating the red blotchy skin and the fine facial blood vessels that many of us have.

Dr. Rosenthal, with offices in Fairfield and Greenwich, Connecticut, personally administers the IPL treatments.  Using his attention to detail and his surgical focus, Dr. Rosenthal will enhance your complexion.  If you wish the best skin then IPL is a great starting point.

IPL is an intensely bright light that is focused through various specific filters that target brown and red pigmentation.  The technology has been established over years to be highly effective for those uneven brown spots and fine vessels that suddenly have appeared, or what you think is sudden.  It also shrinks large pores that have found their way onto your face and softens the facial fine lines.  Another wonderful aspect of the IPL is to attack unwanted dark facial hair.

IPL is best on the face, which includes the forehead, cheeks and chin, the neck and décolleté area of the upper chest. All of these areas are exposed to sun and hormonal fluxes that leave the skin unevenly pigmented.

The question at hand is what areas of the face or body are exposed to the heaviest doses of sun and can be successfully improved with the IPL?  I gave you a hint.

The tops of the hands show early signs of aging and pigmentation. If you wish to cover your age after a facelift you will have to improve the appearance of the hands. Likewise, the face, neck and décolleté are bombarded with solar radiation.  Skin in these regions is thin, delicate and does not withstand harsh treatment.

The back of the Hands get fantastic results from IPL.  Having a great looking face with hands that match is a blessing.

Unlike lasers, an IPL treatment requires little or no down time, hardly any discomfort and visible results that you will be pleased to see.

After each session the brown areas darken and then break up and either disappear or become less intense.  Red pigment and fine facial vessels are reduced after each session.  Often more than one session is necessary to improve upon what years of sun exposure has bestowed upon us.

Who are the Best Candidates for IPL Photo Facial Rejuvenation?

The best candidates have:

• Sun-Damaged Skin Hyper Pigmentation – (brown/red spots)
• Red, Flushed Faces or Rosacea
• Enlarged Pores

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