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Natural appearing cosmetic surgery is the desired objective. Your family and friends will admire your refreshed and rejuvenated look. It requires a great deal of surgical precision and artistry to maintain your own personal identity while allowing you to be on the outside what you feel on the inside.  Plastic surgery and art go hand in hand for Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal, who has exhibited his artwork both nationally and internationally.  Dr. Rosenthal was the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Bridgeport Hospital and is in private practice in Fairfield. As a plastic surgeon that specializes in cosmetic rejuvenation, he compares the steadiness and precision required as a plastic surgeon to a sculptor carefully carving a unique jewel into a finished masterpiece. “I love to create – the creativity is what I get joy out of.”

Watching areas our face and body start to sag, bulge or show lines of maturity can be a challenging experience. In past generations there was little that could afford relief. Diet and exercise are important components of our well-being but cannot erase or turn back the hands of time.  Advances in cosmetic surgery enable us to look relaxed, toned and healthy. Neck and jaw lines that once were clean and crisp can be smoothed or reshaped anew.  Sagging skin and bulging fat around the lids that give a tired appearance are sculpted away to yield a bright and well-rested look. A wide or irregular nose is balanced to blend seamlessly with your other facial features.

There are many noninvasive procedures that can be performed in the office with little or no downtime. Fillers like Juvéderm smooth out lip lines and restore lost lip fullness.  This revolutionary filler is also placed in the folds next to the mouth and along the jaw to lift, smooth and fill wrinkles or contour problems areas.  Unlike past fillers, Juvéderm is a naturally synthesized product that plumps up the skin for months to over a year.  Radiesse lifts the tissue and fills the cheek area.  Imagine a curtain rod sagging. As it falls in the middle the curtain hangs lower and lower.  Radiesse is placed in the deeper tissues to support and lift.  Like the curtain rod which is lifted and along with it the curtain is repositioned.  The combination of Radiesse to support and lift, and Juvéderm which fills and plumps, you have the perfect match for facial rejuvenation and enhancement.  The manner in which Dr. Rosenthal uses these products is akin to sculpting your face.  Just filling a line leaves an unnatural appearance.  So, Dr. Rosenthal, fills, lifts and smoothes the surrounding facial tissues to re-support and restore a healthy appearance.  In order to accomplish a smoother, toned and youthful face, Dr. Rosenthal first places a topical numbing cream on the face followed by a small injection of anesthetic much like the ones used in your dental office.  He is then able to painlessly sculpt and perform the alterations that are so sought after by his patients.

Botox is a purified protein that is safe and effective in smoothing out the upper face.  Using Botox Dr. Rosenthal, with offices in Fairfield and Greenwich, Connecticut, can transform a tense and wrinkled forehead into a smoother and calmer one that looks “pretty”. Dr. Rosenthal accomplishes this by balancing the many muscles in the upper face.  When you frown your facial muscles are all activated.  Consider a tug of war game.  By restoring an even pull on both sides of the rope, the tension is minimized.  Tiny amounts of Botox are selectively placed in the forehead, around the outer lids and within the corners of the brows to raise the low lying brows, open the appearance of the eyes and create a rested appearance.

And finally, we should not forget the quality of our skin!  Dr. Rosenthal has obtained professional skin care aestheticians who are trained to evaluate your facial skin and individualize a skin care regimen that will help your face to glow once more by rejuvenating the skin, exfoliating it and bringing out a more youthful skin tone.  One of our most popular treatments is a oxygen treatment combined with microdermabrasion.  The skin is exfoliated and then infused with pure oxygen and vitamins – we recommend this treatment before any important event you have coming up as it gives the skin an instant amazing glow!  This treatment has been used for year on stars prior to walking the “Red Carpet.”   We cannot promise that you will leave with a golden statue, as the stars have, but we can tell you that your skin will look and feel heavenly and beautifully rejuvenated.  Our team has chosen a unique blend of skin care products that moisturize, rejuvenate, hydrate, and reduce hyper-pigmentation and irregularities while activating the underlying collagen.  Damage control with our anti-oxidant line will preserve the luxurious look that we all want.  Be more confident and comfortable with yourself.   Beauty starts from within.  Let Dr. Rosenthal and his caring staff help you to look and feel your best.

Visit us and have a facial or skin care treatment with our highly trained aesthetician. We offer a variety of rejuvenating facial services to enhance the quality of your skin. Medically supervised, our treatments are advanced and highly effective. We have created a relaxing atmosphere so that you will be sure to have a wonderful experience with instant, glowing, rejuvenating results.
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