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Birthday Thoughts

Rose 6 2014 birthdayYes, it is my day of birth.  Which gives thought to what is truly important and what trivia is to be dismissed.  Each year my personal gift, to myself, resides in betterment of mind, body and spirit.  Wishing peace and kindness is a deeply seeded hope, which is obtainable if the moment of temptation is replaced with a moment of thought.

My Rose has just bloomed.  It’s beauty and the appreciation of the wonders that allow it to become one with this day are my gift to my family, friends and well wishers.  May you all breathe a joyful moment of tranquility, delight in the colors, sights and sounds of being truly alive and may your hearts and minds be open, receptive and welcoming. For growth and happiness is within our grasp.

Happy Birthday to all who make my life special!!


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