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Youth In a Bottle

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Want to turn heads, have passerby’s stretch their necks to see, hear “oohs” and “aahs” from friends and love ones when they gaze your way? Make a wish to smooth out forehead, lip, and cheek lines and furrows while creating a gorgeous visage to behold. And what about enlivening your hands Want to be happy when you look in the mirror and see a reflection of your beauty?

The genie in the bottle is out!

Time will look fondly upon you again as volume of your face and lips will be restored and contoured to produce a dramatic sweeping appearance. Botox will soften, smooth, and wipe away signs of facial tension. While you’re at it, pucker up and show off those sensuous lips and sculpted face using Juvéderm, Radiesse & Voluma to replenish facial, lip and mouth volume! The Silhouette Instalift is an absorbable thread that lifts and contours the lower face, jowls and upper neck. Not only does it elevate the lower face but it adds much needed volume to the face. Your collagen is stimulated. How amazing is that? Let us not forget hands that have weathered years of washing and can now look more youthful again. Hands and Faces tell all.

A Facelift is the golden standard fir facial rejuvenation. Dr. Rosenthal will never rush through surgery. Your happiness is his only concern!!

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal acts as the magician granting these wishes. At his private practice in Fairfield, Dr. Rosenthal will use his plastic surgical expertise, to sculpt and enhance faces, eyelids, noses, hands with his artistic talents (he has participated in art exhibits and plastic surgery lectures at both a national an international level and is the Former Chief of Plastic Surgery. Watch as he fashions a dazzling, rejuvenated and natural look for you.

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal
Plastic Surgeon/international Artist.
Facelift & Volume Enhancement


The Awakening

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The awakening
I Hope your day breathes with the excitement of life;

that the joy of seeing brilliant colors sparkle before your eyes engulfs your mind in a halcyon of visions;

that the luxurious perfumes of freshly baked bread entice your appetite;

that the kindness of a stranger touches your deepest soul;

that the laughter of a child grips you with enormous passion;

that all seeds of a problem are vanquished;

that the nascent buds of a flower blossom into an extraordinary cornucopia of desired hues;

that love encases your heart with an unbreakable barrier of delight.

– Jeffrey


Dr. Rosenthal’s Home Grown Rose

Which Areas Of Face Should Be Treated With Botox?

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Question: Which Areas Of My Face Should Be Treated With Botox?

Answer: Botox forehead only


Botox is used to balance eyebrows, calm down over active forehead muscles and smooth lines and wrinkles of the upper face and neck.

The mouth and lip area would require a hyaluronic filler such as Juvederm to lift, smooth and support the lines and contour the mouth.

Generally, Botox is best for the upper face and fillers for the mouth and lip area. Usually, the forehead, inner brows and crows feet region are injected to balance the muscles. Likewise, multiple areas are treated when filling the lip. It is best to fill the lip from below the nose to the bottom of the pink portion of the lip to balance and reshape the entire mouth.

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