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FAQs About Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Where are the scars?

The scar will run along and around the areola and then follow the contour of the breast to the fold beneath the breast. Imagine an anchor and you will be able to visualize the scar. Since the barely-visible scars are on the lower portion of the breast, you will be able to wear any fashionable garment.

Will I lose sensation to the nipples or areola?

Often, if not always, the sensation to both the nipples and areola are absent when touched lightly. This is because the nerves have been stretched and have lost the ability to transmit sensation. Prior to the surgery your sensation will be tested with a wisp of cotton.

Will I be able to breast feed after the mastopexy?

The ducts to the nipple are often disrupted during this contouring procedure and thus the milk line is no longer intact. Some milk may come out after pregnancy, but often not in sufficient quantities.

What will happen if I get pregnant after the mastopexy?

During the nine months of pregnancy your breasts enlarge, swell and change shape. Glands are enlarged and then diminish after delivery (you do not breast feed), hence the skin will be stretched and altered again as will the shape and contour of the breast and nipples.

When is the optimal time for my surgery?

Being in the best shape, mentally and physically, with optimal skin condition is best. Being close to your optimal weight is always important.

Where is the surgery performed?

Bridgeport Hospital or a Private Surgical Facility

Will I stay overnight?

After surgery you may either stay overnight in the hospital or go home. If you stay overnight, nurses will monitor your progress and you will go home the following morning after I visit you.

What will I need before surgery?

You may be asked to obtain a mammogram and possibly a medical evaluation by your family physician.

Will I have drains?

There may be two drains placed on the sides of the breasts to remove fluid that the body produces. These drains are removed after 2-5 days. They are easy to care for. I will give you care instructions before leaving the hospital.

Does it hurt to have the drains removed?

There is minimal, if any, discomfort. You may feel a little pulling but no pain. I remove them quickly in my office.

Will smoking effect my healing?

Yes–Each cigarette lasts 12 hours on the blood vessels of the body and smoke is toxic. Smoking causes the skin to heal poorly and the complications associated with smoking are tremendous. Even second hand smoke during the weeks before surgery and after will adversely affect your results. Stopping is a must before and after any operation.

Type of Anesthesia:

You are gently put to sleep so that you will be comfortable throughout the operation. Once asleep, I will place a local anesthetic under the skin so that you will feel no discomfort and the amount of medicine you receive during the operation will be minimized. By putting you to sleep your heart rate, blood pressure and amount of oxygen will be optimized.

How long will the surgery take?

My objective is to give you my best effort. That means not rushing through your surgery. I take my time and like to be meticulous. There are many things that must be done before the operation can even start, such as washing and preparing the area, making sure that your body is well cushioned and your legs are placed in special boots to compress them during the surgery. Likewise, at the end of surgery I need to wash you and apply a special well padded dressing. But rest assured that being asleep for hours is generally very safe, so the 5-6 hours you sleep will be just fine. I will also wait around in recovery after the surgery to be certain that all is going well before I leave.

What can I expect?

Your breast shape will be improved. The position of the nipples and surrounding areola will also be much improved.

How long will I wear a bandage?

At the end of surgery I will wrap a soft cottony bandage which is held in place with a support  bra. You will wear a support bra for 3-4 weeks in order to keep the swelling down.

When can I shower?

Usually the day after the drains are removed, but you can wash yourself prior to this. Baths and hot tubs are not a good idea for 4 weeks after surgery to keep your swelling down.

Will my breasts hurt?

Generally, there is moderate discomfort for the first week that is relieved with pain medication that I will prescribe for you. The second week after surgery the discomfort is greatly diminished, and by the third week there should be no discomfort.

When I can resume activities?

It is best to relax for the first 10 days. Bruising is variable and usually located in the lower breast or chest. Seeing your best friends after 10 days is fine, but I recommend you wait at least 2 weeks before meeting new acquaintances. After 2 weeks you will feel more normal. After 3 weeks you should be almost back to your old self except with a new and improved body. It is not a good idea to exercise or increase your heart rate for 3 weeks from the time of surgery and no vigorous lifting or exercise for 6 weeks from surgery. This will help to diminish your swelling and improve the rate at which you heal.

When can I buy new and exciting clothing that finally fits?

The breast shape continues to improve over the first six weeks. Waiting a few weeks before purchasing new clothing and under garments is probably a good idea.

What can I do to expedite my healing?

We will give you a set of guidelines that will inform you of what medicines to stay away from and which vitamins to take. Not allowing anyone to smoke in your presence for weeks, using ice often, resting, eating a low salt diet and having a positive attitude go a long way to assisting your recovery.

When will I see you again?

Depending upon the combination of surgeries, you will re-visit the office within 4-8 days. There will be multiple visits, which are included in your care, to evaluate your progress.

Are there any additional fees to what was quoted?

If the surgery takes a bit longer, as there is never a rush, you may owe a bit more for the operating room and anesthesia. If future surgery or procedures are necessary there will be additional fees for anesthesia, the operating room and the surgeon

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