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Best Approach To Keep Face Young

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What is the best and most cost effective approach to keep my face young and fresh?

Q: I am wondering if should have a lift? I went for four vials of Sculptra. I was told lift too invasive at this time. Thanks!

A: The Best & Most effective Way to Maintain a Youthful Face is to be Healthy by Dr. Rosenthal

ok2The Best Way to Maintain a Youthful Face is to be Healthy. Our bodies, face included, are incredible organisms that require much upkeep. Using sunblock to prevent solar damage to the skin and underlying tissues is important. A mixture of Zinc & Titanium that are micronized will afford excellent protection.

Diet is crucial to feeding our bodies. Stay away from processed foods, extra salt, concentrated fats and junk food (in excess). We are composed of water, so drink plenty of it rather than soda, which is not overly healthy.

Our mind and bodies require daily exercise to maintain the strength of the muscles and bones. Likewise, the brain needs and craves to learn new things. Being kind and thinking before acting not only is good for you but the world. Demeanor can make you look and appear warm and beautiful or old and grumpy.

You choose your appearance in the end. So, if you wish to look and be youthful try this out first. Then add facial fillers to enhance or contour the face such as Voluma or Radiesse that can contour the cheeks and mid-face.

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