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Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedure?

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Overwhelmed Looking for the “Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedure”?

i seHolidays are overwhelming. What to buy for the family and friends, or which party to go to, what to wear, when to get it all done. Stores inundate you with how each product will bring you and friends’ happiness, joy or whatever you are searching for.

Advertisements certainly do not relieve the tension of decision making; full with target words, personal opinions and mottos which leave you wanting to know if the truth is really being revealed, or are you just being snickered into wanting something you never realized you needed.

Admittedly, cosmetic surgery and facial rejuvenation procedures are similar in many manners and form. Turn on the television and you find advertorials expounding the benefits of this potion or some apparatus that appears to have landed from an extraterrestrial vehicle.

Do I exfoliate, moisturize, fill, lipo, lift, contour, pull, lower, make faces to stimulate the results, or appear as a monk with a silent and immobile facade? When can I resume activities, exercise, smile, and laugh? When will those rejuvenating effects bring about the magnificent transformation that turns me into the person I wish to view in the bathroom mirror each morning? (After my coffee,… as no one looks well before their first cup – Probably why Starbucks has no mirrors in the coffee emporiums).

You read up on procedures, ask your closest friends and try to distill which brand, procedure, plastic surgeon or other will offer you a face that launches a thousand ships, “Helen of Troy” style.

In the spirit of the holidays, where to espouse an untruth will deny wishes to come true, the revelation to this seemingly unsolvable dilemma, is to find a plastic surgeon that is willing to be straight with you.

Obviously, we are all human, or at least those who are seeking facial care. (However, my golden retriever, Simba is not convinced of that falsehood). Be that as it may, it is also apparent that each face is unique. To maintain the incredible facial features that result in our personal identities requires familiarity with the offerings available and more importantly the seasoned experience and artistry to administer these procedures in an unhurried and most thoughtful manner.

The magic potions should be left in the fantasy books. However, the proper combination and attention to skin with alternating and effective products can be wonderfully effective in diminishing and preventing damage and creating a canvas of skin which shines.

Facial fillers, like skin products, are not all the same. Each product, be it the calcium based; Radiesse, or the hyaluronic types; Voluma, Restylane, have unique properties that must be carefully administered, if the final appearance is to be refreshed and natural.

Are there extraordinary differences between surgical facelifts, and procedures that lift, contour and smooth the face? Yes, indeed there are many variations. Likewise, not all eyelid procedures or rhinoplasties (nose surgery) are equal in various surgeons’ hands. The common thread is for the surgeon to have vast experience, a sense of artistry and to take as much time as necessary to reach the intended goal.

In a similar vein, thread lifting is in vogue once again as the panacea. The Silhouette Instalift is incredible in regard to the rapidity of recovery and minimal degree of discomfort; however, like all things that sound to good to be true, the Silhouette Instalift is not for everyone. A most careful evaluation of the skin tone and underlying structures is necessary to brilliantly succeed.

Find the path that brings you happiness and joy, by being informed and most importantly trusting and relying upon the knowledge and experience of your physician.

Have a most happy, healthy and joyous holiday and year.

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