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Is Blepharoplasty Enough To Fix My Hooded Eyes?

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Question: I’m only 21 years old and my lids are now so hooded that they rest on my eyelashes. Would blepharoplasty be enough to correct this? And around how much would that cost?

I would prefer local anesthesia. These pictures are all from the last two months. The one where I have purple hair is from today and I lifted my eyebrows as high as I could.

Answer: A blepharoplasty will trim the hanging skin of the upper lid and smooth out extra fat; however, when eyes are deeply set and there is a strong orbital bone that covers much of the lid,  only a small portion of the lid will be visible after surgery.

An experienced plastic surgeon will explain what the benefits and risks of having a blepharoplasty will be and if, at your age, the surgery will fulfill your desires.

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