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Breast Cancer Awareness

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Although the major incidence of breast cancer is found in women, there are also a significant number of males who are afflicted with this life-altering problem. We have made enormous strides in the detection and treatment of breast cancer but have yet to offer freedom from this physical and emotional malady.

Self-examination, followed by routine physician evaluation and mammography allow timely recognition, treatment and cure. Your active participation in your own health care is of paramount importance. Therapies have become more effective and easier to tolerate. Deforming surgeries, performed many years ago, have been replaced by simpler yet effective modalities for removing the cancer cells. And for those women who choose a mastectomy there are a host of reconstructive procedures available to reshape this very vital area of the body.

Hope is the common thread that weaves us together, as we fight against and treat breast cancer. The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center, whose symbol is the rose of hope, at Bridgeport Hospital and in Fairfield, is an organization dedicated to quality of life.

It may be ironic to celebrate this month with the enthusiasm normally given to a holiday, but the progress that has been made and will continue to be made in the detection and cure of breast cancer not only gives us all hope for the future, but tears of joy for those women and men who will be able to live normal, productive lives. Wishing health and happiness for the years ahead!

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