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Can I Get the Same Results of Silhouette Threads with a Liquid Facelift ( with Fillers )?

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Q: Can I Get the Same Results of Silhouette Threads with a Liquid Facelift ( with Fillers )?

I want volume and lifting on my face I’m only 28 but my face is very flat, can the liquid facelift help with the same results of Silhouette threads, also can the liquid facelift help with Symmetry and Balance of my face ? Thank you so much for your help!

A: Silhouete Instalift combines lifting & Volume Replacement

speakThe Silhouette Instalift is an absorbable thread with micro-cones that is woven beneath the skin of the lower face and cheek to lift mildly lax skin of the cheeks and jaw.

The threads and cones are absorbed over 6 months, as they stimulate your native collagen. Hence, there is a skin lift, and volume replacement that is maintained for up to 2 years.

The upper cheek mound and area below the lids are often flat or sunken from loss of bone, muscle and fat volume. These areas are restored to a youthful appearance utilizing facial fillers such as Radiesse and Voluma. They, too, are absorbed and stimulate you own collagen.

Often, a combination of the Silhouette Instalift and Volume replacement with Radiesse or Voluma is necessary to optimize results. However, in those who only require volume sculpting of the upper cheeks or orbital hollow, the fillers are an excellent first choice.

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