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Can Silhouette Lift Be Applied Multiple Times?

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Can Silhouette lift be applied multiple times?
I see the result will last for 18 months. Can I do it again then? Will there be any residue in the skin? Will that cause any problems for other procedures such as filler?

Answer: The Best Results from the Silhouette Instalift are individualized for each patient.
xe5The Best Results from the Silhouette Instalift are individualized for each patient. Yes, additional Silhouette Instalift threads may be placed to maintain your facial lift and contour. The thread are absorbed over a 6 month period and during this time will stimulate the production of your own collagen.

The lift and collagen will last up to 2 years; however, this will vary with the quality of the skin, age of the patient and facial contour. Fillers may be used to further contour the face. It is best to wait, for filler placement, a few weeks after the Silhouette Instalift threads have taken a hold in the underlying tissues.

Likewise, if filler is placed first the Silhouette Instalift threads, if they are to be put in the same location, should not be placed for a number of weeks.

Silhouette Instalift is ideal for laxity along the jawline, upper neck or in the mid-face. The jowls are improved and the deep nasolabial folds are smoothed. The procedure is performed outpatient with minimal discomfort.

Unlike, a formal facelift, the patient is able to resume most activities in a short time frame. Hence, the Silhouette Instalift great for lifting, smoothing and contouring mild to moderate laxity and contour loss of the face and upper neck.

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