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A Celebration of Rohina Bhandari’s Life

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“A Celebration of Rohina Bhandari’s Life”
(Photo: Rohina and her son Simba)

rohRohina’s life force was extinguished, November 30, 2017, seeking out wild life which she dearly enthused over. She cried at the site of animals being injured and donated to their rescue…The South African preserve that protects and saves wild life has named a baby rhinoceros –“Rohina”, as memorial to her act of kindness.

Rohina was a giving person who extended her hand of friendship to all she came in contact with. She cared for and worked along those with all manner of affliction. One seminal organization was, Overeaters Anonymous, at the Jan Hus Presbyterian church, where brave individuals shared their touching stories without a shred of judgement or insincerity by those who listened.

Rohina’s sunlight brightened all who gazed upon her and then they became part of her inner circle of life.

For those who wish to DONATE in Celebration of her Day of Birth December 8th:

Note in memo: “Rohina”

1.) Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
Attn: Monica Carson
Overeaters Anonymous
351 E 74th Street
N.Y., N.Y. 10021

2.) U.S. Friends of Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, Inc.
C/o Heidi Roberts
480 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022-1613

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