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Eyelid Protection For A 20 Year Old

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Eyelid Protection for a 20 year old:

ok okQuestion: I’m 20 years old, most of my life I’ve always had the fine lines/wrinkles and bags or puffiness under my eyes. It has always bothered me, what could I do to reduce the lines and the puffiness?

There are various options to treat youthful lids:

The skin of the eyelids is very thin and delicate. It responds poorly to excess sunlight and diet.

Find excellent moisture cream specifically for the lids. Not all creams are suitable.

Also, look at your diet. Consuming large amounts of salt and artificial ingredients, which are poorly tolerated by the body, cause the tissues around the eyes to swell and look unhealthy.

fireFind a pair of sunglasses with UV protection and wear when them when outside to protect your eyes and lids. The sun damage starts early in life and is cumulative.

A part of having healthily skin is a healthful life style, which consists of exercise to increase the blood flow and to offer nutrition to the skin. Minimizing alcohol that dehydrates the skin and never smoking, which deprives the skin of oxygen and vital blood flow will keep the quality of the skin vibrant and healthy. Likewise, moisturize the lid skin often to keep the skin in good shape.
Protect the lid skin early in life. For those individuals who, later in life, demonstrate signs of extra skin or protruding fat around the eye there is a wonderful surgical procedure that rejuvenates and refreshes the lids, called a Blepharoplasty.

Within a short time the lids and your face will appear revitalized and refreshed.
Prevention is part of the key to having youthful lid skin but with surgery, for those who require rejuvenation, the lids can be made lovely.

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