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jefThe making of a Facelift requires much preparation and work.
As wild as it may appear, the contouring and lifting of your face can be compared to the purchase of your auto.

Why explore the realm of having a facelift? Your trusty old auto that now spins the odometer at 150,000 miles has served you well, just as your face has. But both are exposed to environmental factors and the onward marching of time that require maintenance.

The patina or coat of paint that once glowed so vibrantly now has casts of discoloration, shows cracks, dents and the vibrant sheen that once adorned the surface when new has now faded to that of a dull, flat, nondescript color that no longer resembles its prior appearance.

You take note that the car seats sag in places that were once bouncy and taut along with subtle or even quite visible alterations in their overall shape.

Your decision to shop for a new car that is more fitting with your personality and needs are well thought out. However, the dilemma is presented in how to decide which auto is best suited for your individual needs and desires.

There is the racy model that performs well in the sunshine but is a bit scary to drive in other weather conditions. An economical version that will cost much less; as it is built to last a short time, or there is the auto that runs on an alternative power supply, requiring frequent recharging in order to reach the final destination of any planned long distance trip.
Facelifts are very much like autos. The decision to have one should be contemplated with much forethought, planning and fact finding.
The string lift or lunchtime lift sounds appealing until one understands that it pulls your face up like a puppet on strings. It may serve the purpose of some, but those who would ultimately benefit from contouring of the neck, jaw and cheeks may find that it leaves one short in their journey.

Other truncated facelifts that ignore the neck; which is a crucial component of having a natural rejuvenated look, or those that lift your cheeks so high that Mount Everest and you now have something in common, are good for the few who embrace such flights of fancy with arms open.

What is a gal or guy to do?

Understand that a facelift is a commitment on behalf of both the patient and surgeon to render your face in a manner that softens what time and gravity have done. It requires enormous preparation and work to lift fallen jowls, sculpt sagging neck tissues and smooth out loose skin in a manner that leaves you naturally rejuvenated.

Having just completed one yesterday, I can state that they are meticulous procedures that require much surgical stamina, dexterity and artistic vision to accomplish. At the completion of such a surgical endeavor, I have given my all, and I am tired. As one should expect to be if it is your surgeon’s goal to restore a firm and uplifted tone to your face while affording you the glow of health and natural beauty.

“Buyer beware” is the motto used to describe the purchase of an item that is inexpensive or quick to obtain, but in the end without the means to function with any longevity or afford true lasting satisfaction.

Our faces are part of our unique, wondrous identity and as such, require at least as much thought as the purchase of an auto. A facelift or facial contouring is a marvelous procedure that lifts both the face and spirits of those who have partaken.

Admittedly, I, too, take great pleasure in seeing my efforts bring joy and a large smile to the patient’s face on which I had operated on yesterday.


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