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Why Have a Facelift?

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The facelift (Rhytidectomy) requires tailoring of both the lower face and neck to achieve ideal results. Normal facial proportions change with time; skin, fat and muscles sag and are placed into a lower position. Lines and wrinkles that form after sun exposure and normal aging are caused by thinning of the outer skin and collapse of the inner elastic skin layer.

Although most patients view their necks and jaw requesting an improvement, they are concerned with the term “facelift”. No matter what you call it, smoothing out and naturally contouring these areas is what we want to accomplish.

Facial surgery is more than skin deep. The deeper folds of skin are smoothed, sagging skin along the neck, cheeks and jaw line (jowls) are tailored into a more natural appearance, excessive fat is sculpted away and the underlying supportive facial structures are repositioned to restore and rejuvenate your face. The goal is to reestablish facial harmony and balance.

Your comfort and safety are extremely important; thus, the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis using a light general anesthesia in combination with local anesthetic. This combination affords you a peaceful rest without feeling or hearing noises during surgery. You are given extra oxygen while your heart rate and blood pressure are kept level.

Scars are hidden in the hairline of the scalp and neck as well as within the normal creases of the around the ear, below the chin and within the sideburn making them less conspicuous.

After surgery a light wrap will be placed until the next morning, when Dr. Rosenthal will change your dressing. You will be able to shower before starting a simple regimen of cleaning the scars and covering them. The use of ice and specific medications will also improve your results.

Activities after this surgery are limited to prevent swelling or other harmful side effects. This includes such mundane activities as house cleaning and any sport or activity that would increase your heart rate and blood pressure for 3 weeks. During this time you will be wearing an elastic garment to aide in comfort and decrease swelling. Also, you can plan on being out of work for 10 days-2 weeks, depending upon the work activity.

What we eat is who we become, so a diet rich in healthy foods will improve your results and aide in healing. Stay away from products that increase bleeding, such as aspirin, Motrin, Advil and Vitamin E. Refrain from eating salty foods which will cause swelling; therefore they are limited for 3 weeks after surgery: pizza, Chinese food, pretzels and potato chips, to name a few.


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