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Fillers or Facelift?

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Q: Would fillers or a facelift fix my sagging and caving cheeks?
Over the past few years my left side of face is getting worse with sagging and cheek caving.. I have now noticed lines on lip was a smoker years ago but never had lines.. would fillers work to make me look a little human or facelift?

A: Voluma & Radiesse replaces facial volume
The loss of facial volume, over time, is natural. The underlying bone, fat and muscle diminish with time and the skin loses elasticity. Without the deeper volume to act as an anchor to hold the outer tissues they droop. Similar to a clothing line that has excessive clothing in the middle. The object is not to over fill the face but to replace lost volume.

doc32Both Voluma and Radiesse are manmade natural products that stimulate your collagen. Radiesse in placed in a deeper position to lift and support the upper tissues, while Voluma is placed slightly higher to contour and shape the face.

The downtime is minimal and the procedure is performed in the office. With a touch of makeup you are ready to go. The mouth lines are also due to a combination of loss of volume and elasticity of the skin. A different hyaluronic acid product Restylane or Juvederm may be used to fill and contour this area.

A facelift is ideal for very lax skin, deeper facial wrinkles and poor neck contour it does little to replace mid-face volume loss. Hence, it is best to start with volume contouring in those with moderate facial laxity.

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