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How Can I Fix Wrinkles and Sagging?

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Question: I have wrinkles and sagging from corners of mouth to chin, making me look OLD. How can I fix this?

I’m 42 years old and in the past few years I’ve gotten very bad wrinkling and sagging at the corners of my mouth to my jaw that make me look much older. When I pull my skin tout I look so much younger.

I honestly don’t think laser surgery will do it. I had laser on cheeks for acne scars but the scars are still very visible. Would a facelift and laser be needed to smoothen and tighten my skin? I’ve used moisturizer on my face since I was a teen, I just got dealt terrible skin. Please help!

Answer: Silhouette Instalift is the Best way to lift the lower Face
Silhouette Instalift is the Best way to lift the lower Face, smooth out the skin and replace volume, especially when the neck and cheeks are not showing excessive laxity.


The Silhouette Instalift are absorbable threads with attached mini-cones that lift the lax skin and stimulate your own collagen formation. This improves the contour of the skin and lifts mild to moderate laxity of the facial tissues into position.

The threads are placed using local anesthesia in the office setting. The lifting of lax tissue and volume replacement last up to 2 years.

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