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Gamble on a Winning Ticket – Not on Your Facelift

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Gamble on a Winning Ticket – Not on Your Facelift

necNever a fan of gambling or placing a bet on a promise, I took a surprising turn for a prize in Power Ball for 80 million dollars the other day. Betting on a wish for wealth, health – whatever the mind can conger up – always seemed dubious to me. I am a believer in persevering and expending much effort to succeed.

Well, my desire to bet a few dollars on a possible huge return arrived, as they say, out of the blue. Or in this case, from the friendly news stand vendor. He confided in me that the gentlemen who left his establishment before I walked in, wanted to get rich and put down a few hundred greenbacks daily, to this end. Regrettably, over the years he had not accomplished his dream and in fact, was contributing to the wealth of the gambling establishment. He did; however, open my eyes to a potential mammoth win, for as little monetary outlay as the cost of a mere newspaper. So, I took both.

I carefully placed my printed receipt with the winning numbers in my wallet for security. No one was to abscond with my jackpot. Admittedly, as a betting novice, I was unfamiliar with any of the particulars relating to the picking of numbers, or mechanism to recoup my millions. Undoubtedly, I would win a huge cache of cash and was thoughtful about how to distribute my booty. Being a philanthropist would be enjoyable.

The greatly anticipated day arrived to match my numbers with the online winning sequence. Sadly, I am 80 million shy of the jackpot, if you desire a loan.

This experience, short and inconsequential, was thought provoking in relation to my work as a plastic surgeon. Why would you risk money and your invaluable face without researching to find a plastic surgeon that cares more about the aesthetic outcome than you? Would you shop on line and wish for a great outcome?

My quest for a winning lottery ticket rapidly went up in smoke and was more an experiment than a substantial effort to reap what I did not work for. Was I hopeful, of course, but in the same vein, I was realistic about the possibilities.

Cosmetic Surgery of the face, eyes or nose takes time, meticulous effort and skilled artistry to award the receiver with a “winning ticket”. Likewise, although any practioner can administer Botox or Facial Fillers like Radiesse, Voluma, Juvederm or the Silhouette Instalift, the expertise in administering them is vastly different. Choosing by price alone, may reward you with the losing end of your desire.

Perhaps I may pony up a few dollars again in the future, for the next lottery windfall – the consequences are minor if I choose incorrectly.

However, should you desire any kind of facial rejuvenation, be it surgery or through minimally invasive rejuvenation techniques, do your research well.

• Take the time to view photos of the plastic surgeon’s past patient results.
• Learn about the benefits and potential risks of any cosmetic surgery or office procedure.
• Be realistic and choose a plastic surgeon that you trust to value your face, as it is vastly different from losing the lottery.

When you take the time to do these few things, then everyone is a winner!

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