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There’s an art when it comes to making someone’s face look better, but not different. I came to Jeffrey wanting to take the “tired” out of my face, not necessarily look younger or plastic, and he did just that with careful consideration before he started. — Judy Goss, Founder and CEO, Over40Females

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The Best Way to Choose Plastic Surgery of Your Face

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The Best Way to Choose Plastic Surgery of Your Face: How to Decide?
Recently, I have looked into remodeling my home. A few contractors were invited to offer opinions and suggestions.

IMG_8451The startling reality is that your face and your home have much in common, as both require upkeep to look their best.

Choosing a plastic surgeon for your personal renovations or upkeep is comparable to finding a qualified home contractor.

I was looking for an experienced, qualified and communicative individual who listened and heard my concerns and offered multiple options to satisfy my needs. Ideally, someone who was exceedingly calm and reliable, who would take as much time as necessary to do the job correctly, and would make every effort to produce an outcome which was best for me.

Of course money was a consideration, but when I compared fast or less competent individuals with those who had superior visions, would not rush, had expertise and wanted the best for me, money became less of an obstacle and more about the quality of what it would purchase.

For those who have difficult time deciding upon the correct path to take, the gurus who study decision making suggest:

1 Make a list of what you wish corrected
2 Prioritize the list
3 Once you hear what sounds correct look at the bigger picture and then go for it
4 Choose wisely the first time around
5 Find a plastic surgeon that is:
……a. Experienced
……b. Communicative
……c. Reliable
……d. Artistic – it is your face!
I chose wisely – will you?

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Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, M.D.
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