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“The Hunger Games” which has just been unveiled in most theatres, is one of the few recent movies that has an amazing visual impact, is thought provoking, well acted and directed and, most of all, it is highly entertaining. This cinematography epic will tug upon your emotional ties to passion, love, survival, ethics, morality and the injustices in the world.  One could hardly ignore the similarity to Shakespeare, where lovers must walk decision paths; The Truman Show with Jim Carrey, who is viewed with an all knowing eye; The Lord of the Flies book, regarding the mob mentality or the calamites of hunger, dictatorial power and the vast inequities of life that are occurring throughout the world.  Why not create an event for the proletariat that enables them to ignore their living conditions. Have we not become familiar with both historical and present day examples of this theme in our society?

If you are looking to be engulfed in the totality of a movie that will allow you to forgo your life’s travails for a bit over 2 hours, then hurray out and then buy a ticket.

Speaking of hunger.  It so happened that I created a bit of distraction to taste bud last eve.  See the enclosed pic. If you wish my recipe then send a note.  jeffreyrosenthalmd@gmail.com

Up and coming is the Rosenthal Liquid Facelift- a natural, long lasting and rapid way to look great!

Until then: Wishing you joy, good eating, a thought provoking experience and kindness.

J.Rosenthal, M.D.

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