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Knowledge is Wisdom

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Knowledge is Wisdom especially when it comes to your Health!

Have you ever been stressed or forgotten an item of import? Ever eat sugary food for breakfast, lunch or dinner to get a boost of energy?  Of course, we all have fallen to these depths in times of despair, joy or food lust. 

The good news is that they are not what they appear to be.  How is this good news?  You now know what to avoid. 

Eating speedily prepared oats sounds ideal.  But like all sugary cereals it is broken down in short order to components that transiently raise the blood sugar.  Brief period of a high and then a downward turn that leaves you in the dungeon of energy.  Eggs, berries, and complex carbs will sustain your needs and prevent the high and low sugar levels that make us fly or sink.

There is no quick fix to our diet dilemma but, an awareness that what we consume may alter our brains function in a positive way to give more energy, stamina and allow your body to function in a healthier mode.

Omega-3-fatty acids sound terrible, but they support the brain, reduce inflammation and aide the body.  Salmon, preferably wild, is not only tasty but chock full of these bits of support.  If you sway away from fish try chia seeds.  Now ubiquitously found in small packets in the grocers, they can be  sprinkled on whole grain low sugar cereals or to added to salads and homemade healthful shakes. 

I am now a fan of the Nutri Bullet blender. Throw just about anything in it, except pots, and the bullet pulverizes all into a drinkable product. It arrives hermetically sealed with a recipe book. Since I enjoy creating, art, cosmetic surgery or food I offer my personal blend: A tablespoon of whey and pea protein powder, some chia seeds, Gogi berries, blueberries, blackberries, bits of cilantro (good for detox), kale, a piece of a beet, sunflower and  pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds (high in protein), dried coconut, cranberries, seaweed green powder, cacao beans, ice cubes, some filtered water and whatever else seems good.  Blend and drink. Or make up your own drink with some of the above and whatever you fancy; just leave out the sugar.

wisdomThe key is to be aware of what you consume.  Our bodies are a one of a kind marvel.  Appreciate what you have in health so that you do not bemoan the alternative.

Want more of a read? Find blogs about other foods, recipes I have whipped up, and facial products such as #Radiesse, #Juvederm and #Botox that when artistically placed add to your face a natural, refreshed glow and appearance. 

My web: www.artofplasticsurgery.com supports your knowledge and your health.  Send me a note about your favorite healthy food or drink.

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