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Opinions on Silhouette Instalift?

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Q: Opinions on Silhouette Lift?
Have you heard of the Silhouette Lift? If so, what is your opinion on this?

Silhouette Instalift:
instalift-patient-suture-3A: The Silhouette Instalift uses threads attached to cones that are placed beneath the skin to lift moderately loose skin of the face and jaw. Over the ensuing 6 months the product stimulates the production of your own native collagen, after which time the threads and cones are absorbed. The Silhouette Instalift requires a good deal of artistry and surgical skill to place, if one is to have a natural appearance.

The recovery time is very short, just a few days of moderate swelling and, perhaps, a bit of bruising. Makeup may be applied after 24-48 hours to cover and areas of discoloration, if they occur. Obviously, the degree of both swelling and bruising will vary with the quality of skin and if the individual has taken products that increase oozing, such as aspirin or Advil, to name a few.

The results are very gratifying in those patients who are ideal candidates. Hence, the Plastic Surgeon should be very discriminating in the evaluation of the patient and should choose which procedure is ideal to obtain a refreshed and invigorated appearance. The Silhouette Instalift is not a replacement for a surgical facelift. Individuals who demonstrate loose muscles of the neck and excessive laxity of the mid-face and jowl will be a better candidate for a facelift. However, those patients who are showing the earlier signs of facial aging; lax skin and contour loss will greatly benefit from the Silhouette Instalift, which is an outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthesia.

The aftercare requires no vigorous exercise, for 3 weeks, or excessive motion of the face, for 1 week, to prevent dislodging of the Silhouette Instalift cones. Any discomfort during and after the office procedure is minimal and of short duration. Normal activities are resumed the day following the Instalift procedure.

The cones that are attached to the threads are skillfully woven beneath the skin to lift and support the lax and hanging skin. The stimulation of your collagen is optimal in 6 months during which time it improves upon the facial contour by adding needed volume and; thus, improving upon the facial contour. Generally, the overall results last up to 2 years. However, each individual result will depend upon the degree of laxity and volume loss present prior to the Silhouette Instalift. Patients are very pleased with the benefits and visual improvement in their facial appearance within days of the procedure.

The Silhouette Instalift is very different from the thread lifts of the past as it is absorbable and it has improved lifting qualities in addition to stimulating your own collagen; which improves upon your facial structure and slows down the aging process.

The Silhouette Instalift offers a whole new meaning to the Instant Face-Lift. How much better can a procedure be that lifts, supports, contours and improves your facial appearance in a short time.

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