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Plastic Surgeon Visits “Mis-En-Place”

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Plastic Surgeon visits “Mis-En-Place”

Mis-En-Place is a French term used by chefs, which is translated as “putting in place”.  A restaurant kitchen is orderly chaos but without the concept of “putting in place”, it would be a disaster zone.

Perhaps; too, your life has a similar sounding quality? Chefs must prepare for the entirety of a meal.  By establishing an order for the preparation and then contemplating what tasks and ingredients will be pertinent for each of their patron’s meals, they have the ability to cook a plethora of varying dinners to suit each taste.  However, without mis-en-place, the kitchen and the ensuing service of food would look similar to a food fight gone awry.

Unknowingly, before I encountered this term of order, I had assiduously put this theme into practice. I had relied upon this concept of “putting in place” for my professional life, as both a plastic surgeon for 29 years and an artist. Both plastic surgery and art must be carefully contemplated prior to their beginning whether it is an injectable facial rejuvenation, a facelift or putting pigment to canvas.

Once you commence your task, the moment of truth is upon you; there is no going back once the process is in play.  Each stroke of brush or precise movement of an instrument must be choreographed, mindfully rehearsed and planned.  Similar to a master chess player the options are anticipated and the game fully played out before any move is taken.

It is not just the physical preparation of setting out instruments or paints to perform an orchestrated surgery or create a dazzling work of art but the mind-set that prepares me for the event.

Yes, a momentous event.  Anyone, be it patient or surgeon, who underplays the intensity of surgery or serious intent and contemplation that is required for each of my facial rejuvenation procedures: facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty or the “Rosenthal Liquid Facelift”: Botox, Radiesse, Voluma & Juvederm, does not appreciate the energy necessary for optimal results.

Prior to a surgery or a facial rejuvenation procedure the scene must be set by preparation, contemplation and organization.  Our minds are wonderful instruments that allow visualization of the entire process to establish pathways from mind to body, that become embedded within our nervous system.

With forethought, vigilance and much energy my efforts are well rewarded, as I fashion a radiantly glowing face or vibrant painting.  My living and breathing art transcends the canvas. The satisfaction that I receive from seeing my patients smile with pleasure is well worth the mis-en-place.

True mind control rehearses and evaluates all pertinent events before they are needed.  Champion athletes do not run, jump, throw or swim before they have trained their minds and bodies to become one.  The finest restaurant chefs would flounder in a sea of chaos if not for preparation prior to the guests arriving for their meal.

Mis-en-place is a method of organization, which we all may partake in.  It merely requires forethought, planning and consideration of the goal that is to be accomplished.

You do not have to be a chef, athlete, artist or plastic surgeon to practice mis-en-place.  All that is required is a conscious effort of planning along with placing thoughts and items in their proper place.


Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, M.D.

Plastic Surgeon & International Artist

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