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A Poem to Commemorate a Most Special Birthday

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A Poem to Commemorate a Most Special Birthday

This Day of Rohina’s Birth December 8th

rohina merry go roundWe Celebrate Rohina’s bountiful, rich, energetic, profoundly unique life that touched so many in the blink of an eye

Rohina’s light brightened all who gazed upon her and then they were fortunate to become part of her inner circle of life


Birthdays are for celebrating the day of your awakening

They are the moment that the universe decreed you would be a speck of dust in the millennium of time

A day when your name drizzled in pink, blue or red across the crest of the richest chocolate 3 layer creation declares this is your day

Fond wishes are offered on this day to ignite the passions and gratitude of your being

Decisions are made unbeknownst to you concerning the paper and bow that will envelope the tribute offered on your day

Children will laugh, overeat and voice the unblemished joy of their yearly jamboree

Birthdays will find all manner of child mounting the Carousels strongest steed as they stretch beyond their reach to grasp the gleaming golden ring

Birthdays are for consuming slices of frosted cake, gobs of frozen treats and for tearing apart each hermetically sealed package with glee and abandonment

Adults will breathe a sigh of relief or panic in their numerical march along the calendar of time

Birthdays are to be appreciated, enjoyed and never neglected

Birthdays are most special occasions that are only commemorated when the numbers align in your favor

Birthdays are for enjoying the life that has been so richly given to us and for the path that is offered beyond the horizon of our vision

Swerving paths that led us astray are contemplated on this day

Fervently felt promises are brought to light on this day

Birthdays are a moment that the spinning world pauses to listen to our hopes and desires

Birthdays allow us to pay homage to those who would never have touched our souls

This day that marks the emergence of your beginning is a remarkable event, for it allows us to celebrate your Birth

Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D.


For those who wish to DONATE in Celebration of her Day of Birth December 8th:
Note in memo: “Rohina”

1.) Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
Attn: Monica Carson
Overeaters Anonymous
351 E 74th Street
N.Y., N.Y. 10021

2.) U.S. Friends of Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, Inc.
C/o Heidi Roberts
480 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022-1613

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