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In Your Practice/Experience, How Long Does Radiesse Last In Your Patients?

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In Your Practice/Experience, How Long Does Radiesse Last In Your Patients?

UntitledRadiesse is a marvelous calcium based filler that; when used artistically, contours, lifts and sculpts the mid-face. Each face has different characteristics of bone structure, amount of fat and degree of loose skin. The greater the loss of muscle, bone and fat volume the more product is needed. However, the loss of the facial tissues is ongoing.

Generally, Radiesse lasts between 9-10 months in most faces, when the face is 3/4 filled. Under or over filling leaves the face with less than an ideal contour.  Although, If under-filled, the contour improvement lasts a shorter time. The calcium in Radiesse is replaced with your own natural collagen. Collagen is what supports the facial contour and is targeted by the body during the aging process. Thus, more collagen, theoretically in the tissues, will slow down the aging process. Likewise, the skin is held in a better position and the face demonstrates a significantly better shape when optimal filling of the face is established.

Alternatively, a product that is very long lasting is not always so great, as the face continues to age and change over time. If the product stays for a very long time and the face alters around it there is a lack of harmony. Hence, one must keep up with the ongoing alterations that the body is producing. Radiesse is ideal for the upkeep and for the rejuvenation and contouring of the face.

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