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Quality or Junk – Which do you Prefer?

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Quality or Junk – Which do you Prefer?

How often do you purchase an item to find it breaks, does not perform or live up to the minimal expectations? The credos these days are to do it fast without concern to outcome.

Recently, I obtained a precision instrument that most of us use if you walk upright or have fingers and toes.  At first glance it appeared to be similar to any other tool that I had used.  The price tag was considerably upscale, but I was traveling and the selection was limited.  So, I delved into my wallet and handed over the necessary barter papers to acquire it.

Enclosed within the hermetically sealed plastic wrap was a description of my new acquisition.  It claimed to be a precision instrument, honed from ancient tradition of the samurai sword-making history and then hand polished to a mind-boggling finish.

Admittedly, I noted a visual difference in its appearance but my expectations were not raised beyond what was the norm.  Surprisingly, after arbitrating with the plastic enclosure, I discovered what I had always been missing.  Balance, accuracy, movement that a clock would be jealous of, and; true to the written word accompanying the object, an experience hitherto unknown.

As a Plastic Surgeon who is precise, visually attuned and artistically imbued with a sense of balance and creativity, I admired my newly found object, and perhaps even appreciated it a tad more than most.

Like my Cosmetic Surgery which leaves little room for anything but the most ideal outcome, this little object performed with precision.  Its smooth silhouette and ergonomic handling reminded me of how when contouring a face with fillers: Radiesse, Voluma, Juvederm or Expression, the contour of the cheeks need to flow with a natural grace that yields an unspoken rejuvenation.

Discovering this little treasure was by happenstance.  It was not sought after; nor was I even aware of its existence, but rest assured it altered my expectations.  So, too, should you seek out the hands that will refresh, rejuvenate and sculpt your face, be it with fillers,10409329_852344828128996_8238100462696225190_n Botox or cosmetic surgery of the face or eyelids in a manner that is artistic and precise. Why settle for anything less?

Oh, yes, my handy little acquisition is a nail clipper.


Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D.

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