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Would Radiesse Be A Good Treatment For Nasolabial Folds In A 21 Year Old?

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Q: Would radiesse be a good treatment for nasolabial folds in a 21 year old?

im imA: Radiesse enhances facial Volume to rejuvenate the face naturally.

Radiesse is a calcium based product that is best used to fill the mdi-face, jaw, temples and back of the hands. When you smile it is natural for the naso-labial folds, or lines next to the lips, to deepen, as the muscles of the face pull upon the cheeks.

If these folds are present when not smiling then they are corrected by looking at the root cause of these depressions. Often, the cheeks and mid-face lack sufficient volume to lift and support the cheek tissues. Radiesse is placed deep to the cheek soft tissues, above the bone, to lift, contour and fill these areas of depression or volume loss.

With artistic placement of Radiesse, the naso-labial folds are softened and the cheek/mid-face contour is improved in a natural manner. If there are residual creases around the mouth then Juvederm or Voluma may be used to correct and improve these areas.

In a youthful face, with sufficient volume, a few lines are normal. Only when these lines become deep folds should they be treated.

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