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Which Would You Recommend; Fillers or Facelift for a 34 Year Old

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Q: Which would you recommend; Fillers or Facelift for a 34 year old?

A: Facial Fillers will Improve the Mid-Face

funA facelift is great for laxity of the lower face and neck. In a youthful face these areas will not be benefited by a facelift. Facial fillers such as Radiesse and Voluma, when properly placed will enhance the cheek and mid-face area of the face.

In doing so, the hollows below the eyelids will be improved, as the fallen or absent cheek volume is lifted and contoured with these remarkable facial fillers.

Radiesse is a calcium based product and Voluma is hyaluronic product. Both are well tolerated by the surrounding tissues and will lift, contour and shape the cheeks.  Artistically placed, these facial fillers will rejuvenate the face, especially one that has either lost or has less mid-face volume.

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