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Rosenthal (S)Sculpting – Lift

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Rosenthal (S)Sculpting – Lift

The face is 3 dimensional structure whose curves and contours contribute to your personal appearance. Each of the facial components or layers  blend together and are supportive of each other.  Aging is a gradual process whereby in the deepest layer the bone loses calcium, and with it the loss of the face contour.

The next areas of concern are the two layers of fat which are critical for a smooth progression from one area of the face to another.  Hollows, depressions and irregularities are apparent when the fat of the face is absorbed over time.

The two fat compartments are divided into a deeper layer above the bone and the superficial layer that is attached to and beneath the skin.  Fat, like all other components of the body, is altered over time and will require some alternative product to take its place.

Consider the deeper fat as the anchor.  It holds the upper fat and skin in position and prevents it from shifting. However, when the deeper fat compartment is absorbed over time, the anchoring is no longer effective allowing for the drift of skin and fat toward the nose and mouth, forming the nasolabial creases or parenthesis.

The lost of facial volume and contour is a red flag of aging. On top of these alterations are the loss of elasticity and thinning of the skin. These alterations contribute to the lines, wrinkles and creases that we say add to the character of our faces.  Well, this is one character trait that most of us would rather forgo.  Take a peek at your photos from 5 or 10 years ago.  Has your face undergone any of these unwanted alterations?

But there many options available to refresh, reinvigorate and recontour your face.

Dr. Rosenthal’s S – lift or Sculpting Lift utilizes various products that are compatible with our own tissues to lift, shape and fill creases, indentations and facial landmarks that need resurrecting.  Imagine your face with clean contours and fuller cheeks without indentations below the eyes. Wrinkles, lines or parenthesis can vanish or be significantly softened.  Would you not be thrilled?

Over the past several years there has been a revolution in how we rejuvenate the face.  No longer is the surgery the first or only step. With the introduction of Facial fillers the alterations and sagging of the mid-face (cheeks, arches and folds around the mouth) are miraculously transformed with the Rosenthal S- Lift.

A part of the Rosenthal Liquid Facelift, the S- Lift blends together various products that are compatible with the facial tissues to lift, support and contour.

Radiesse is a calcium & gel injectable that is placed above the facial cheek bones to structurally elevate and support those deeper tissues that have been lost.

Voluma, a hyaluronic acid which is similar to that found in our own skin, also lifts and contours the face at varying depths within the face to augment volume and allow for shaping.

This is where creativity and being an artist is crucial for your face looking refreshed.  A contour or topographical map is drawn upon your face prior to the injections to highlight the areas that are to be lifted, sculpted and contoured.

Radiesse or Voluma require a clear vision and sculpting artistry to create an ideal look for your individual face.  Fillers are optimally positioned to work together and are then molded to harmoniously blend seamlessly with your facial features.  The goal is a youthful contour that is natural in appearance.

The Rosenthal S-Lift yields remarkable results.  Regain that youthful appearance and radiate gorgeous!


After Radiesse


After Radiesse and Voluma – Enhanced cheek contour and facial shape


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