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Shish Kabob a la Rosenthal

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Shish Kabob a la Rosenthal
Serves 2-4 depending upon appetites








• 1 pound top sirloin lean
• 1 large yellow pepper or 2 medium yellow and orange
• Brown portabella mushrooms medium size 10-12
• 1 large brown portabella mushroom cap
• Green zucchini 1 inch thick
• Large semi-ripe red tomato
• 1 large red onion or 2-3 medium sized
• Balsamic Vinegar
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Black Pepper in Grinder
• Himalayan Pink Salt in Grinder
• Turmeric Powder
• Curry Powder
• Blackened Cajun Spice Ground
• Chervil flakes
• Large Sealable Baggie
• 4-5 Large metal skewers
• Bag of organic lettuce Baby lettuce mix and Arugula pre washed
• 5-8 organic grape organic tomatoes

Rinse Steak with cool water and cut into 1 inch cubes with large sharp knife.
Cut off stems of pepper and clean seeds – rinse and dry
Rinse off mushrooms large and small.
Cut the large mushroom cap into 5 wedges.
Peel outer layer of onion and cut into 4-6 sections, depending upon size of onion.
Remove hard end of tomato and dark spot on other end- Rinse and cut into 6 sections.
Note: steak & veggies do not have to be cut precisely or with even spacing.

Place all in large sealable bag.
Pour 4-8 tablespoons of oil or enough to coat – I just pour enough to coat the veggies and steak.
Pour Balsamic Vinegar about 2 tablespoons over all mixture
Grind: 1 turn of grinder of salt and pepper into bag or use pre- ground.
Sprinkle: 1 shake of Chervil flakes, 1 shake of Cajun spice, curry & turmeric over all.
Seal bag after removing air.
Turn bag a few times to coat mix of veggies and meat.


Have fun making any combination of veggies and meat onto the metal skewers. Try to have 2 pieces of meat & alternating variety of veggies.

Bring mixture to Grill Barbeque that has been on High. (Make sure grill grates are reasonably clean and have been wiped with wet paper towel held with tongs prior to placing skewers on grills.

Place on skewers holding veggies & steak on grill 5-8 minutes and then use tongs to turn. Not all veggies will turn easily. No worries here. Mainly want meat to turn over to brown the outer surface.
Cook for 10- 15 minutes depending upon thickness of steak and preference of how well done the meat will be.
Remove skewers
Using tongs and potholder, to hold metal tops of skewers, slide the mix onto plates.

Salad: in large bowl remove ½ bag of each lettuce
Drizzle olive oil to taste, 2 -3 tablespoons and sprinkle balsamic vinegar. Toss in grape tomatoes and mix well with tongs.

Plate and enjoy with a glass of Cabernet or other deep red colored wine. Or white for those who prefer.

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