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Surgeon Recommended Radiesse

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Q: After a recent consultation with a surgeon, he advised against surgery, recommended a filler, specifically Radiesse.

I have had Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma with not really good results. Will Radiesse give me better results? I was told the substance is different from the others, as far as what it is made of.

If no, what about laser to treat the area? Or should I get a second opinion about surgery. The surgeon was VERY adamant about me NOT getting surgery.


nat2A: The first order of business is to decide which area of the face bothers a patient. Only then can one determine which filler product is best to lift, support and sculpt the face. Radiesse, a calcium based filler, is ideal for lifting the mid-cheek area, filling hollows in the temples and the back of the hands. It comes in a larger volume syringe than Voluma, and lasts between 8-10 months.

Placement of Radiesse is crucial for a natural result. Placing Radiesse within the deeper tissues above the cheek-bones is best to prevent the product being felt or seen. Once placed, Radiesse should be manually sculpted with the hand of the surgeon to insure that it takes on the proper shape.

Each face is special and should be treated as such. Artistically placed fillers offers the patient a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Often, Radiesse can be used in combination with other fillers, such as Voluma to enhance the overall facial contour.

There are multiple fillers available to contour the face, due to volume loss. However, each filler has unique properties and should be chosen with this in mind.

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