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Thanksgiving Recipe by Dr. Rosenthal

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By Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal
Food like Plastic Surgery is a Creative Adventure

rth2Turkey: I stick butter add rosemary, crushed garlic mash together and squeeze lemon over, lift turkey skin off breast, sides legs and put butter infused with herbs.
Slice figs place under skin and replace skin.

Lemon wedges, orange peeled figs, red onion sectioned, few pieces of whole peeled garlic into cavity after cleaning and removing gizzards.
Spread butter herb mixture onto skin.

Line tray heavy-duty foil, place turkey on rack cover aluminum foil and refrigerate overnight.

Heat oven 350 degrees, remove turkey frig. Turn over onto breast side down add 3 cups water to tray then place Into oven with turkey well sealed in tent of foil.

1.5-2 hours later turn turkey over. Baste with juice top and inside.

After 3 hours lower temp 300 cooks until temp probe reads 150-160 white meat.

Remove foil tent and increase over to broil 5-10 minutes to tan skin. Check temp white meat with probe deep into breast. 165 good. Remove let sit and carve

Roasted Veggies:rth1
Tray with baking pad, cut red onion wedges, yellow pepper ½ inch pieces, slice fennel (after take off top) thin slices, clean parsnip and cut into ½ inch pieces, cut Brussels sprouts in half, button Portobello mushrooms, sweet potato peel and slice into thin wedges then cut wedges in half.
Arrange on baking tray sprinkle with olive oil, tomato dressing optional) s, pepper, sesame garlic seeds
Bake uncovered 45 minutes 300 degrees, may have to remove sweet potato and bake additional 25 min if not soft.

broccoli carrot mixture; cover white balsamic vinegar and rice vinegar add sesame garlic seeds and mix

Cranberry relish:
Fresh cranberries or frozen. 2 cups water into sauce pan bring to boil
Add washed cranberries lower to simmer and cook about 10 minutes until berries burst.
Mash berries with potato masher. Place in container and cool overnight.
Mix berries with can of crushed pineapple after you drain the juice (not sweetened) mix non-sweetened coconut to taste and cut up tangerine into small pieces as to mixture. Fold all of ingredients. Plate.

Light a few candles, set table with lovely plates and stemware. Plate food and pour some Syrah wine (wine was reserve from India).

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