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Introducing The Silhouette Instalift

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Q: I lost 30 pounds a couple of years ago and my skin is sagging. I workout a lot and building muscle has helped but not with my face.

A: There are various options: Silhouette Instalift is an office procedure that lifts and supports the lax skin and tissues of the mid-face, jawline and neck for up to 2 years.

instalift-patient-suture-3It is an absorbable thread that stimulates your native collagen to thicken, which adds contour and shape to your face. You get a lift along with volume enhancement; there is minimal discomfort from the procedure and immediate results that keep on improving.

The Silhouette Instalift is often combined with Radiesse or Voluma, facial fillers that are compatible with to finish the contouring and rejuvenation process.  This option is wonderful for those with moderately lax facial and neck tissues.

A surgical Facelift is ideal for sagging neck skin, muscle and fat or more significant laxity of the jaw or mid-face. Either the Silhouette Instalift, Radiesse, Voluma or a Facelift will recontour, lift and smooth your face. Choose a competent Plastic Surgeon who has an artistic eye.

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