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What Type of Facelift/Procedure Would Be Best?

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Question: What Type of Facelift or Procedure Would Be Best For Me?

I am hoping to be educated on what procedures/surgeries will give me an overall youthful appearance & eliminate my saggy lower face, mouth & turkey neck that I’m self-conscious about.

My chin is messy, rippled, not smooth. I’ve had fillers injected several times a year (in various places), now I’m looking for the best return on investment, not a quick fix.

My goal is to look youthful overall and have the outside match the inside. What procedures/surgery will give the best result?

Answer: Facelift is best for rejuvenation.

now aLaxity of facial tissues are due to stretching of the skin, loss of volume in the deeper tissues and alteration in the bone structure.  These changes result in loss of facial contour and loose skin.

With a facelift the loose neck skin and the underlying muscles are lifted and tightened, the jawline is improved and the mid-face elevated.

Facial fillers, such as Radiesse and Voluma, are often used to fill and replace volume loss in the mid-face which will rejuvenate this region of the face. The object is to have a natural looking and refreshed appearance.

The first step is to have a consultation and view the surgeons before and after results.  You should receive a full explanation regarding what is best for your personal needs.

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