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Upper Blepharoplasty Incision Line Location?

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Upper blepharoplasty incision line location?

nexaI want to do upper bleph but after reading this website and seeing many upper bleph botched surgery pictures I am afraid. Why many patients end up with scars that are not in crease but like 1 cm higher/visible. Is it so difficult to locate correctly the incision line? What is the chance that I end up with ugly scars that are not in crease? Is it so difficult procedure that there is a limited chance to have nice results? I read that upper bleph is simple surgery so why so many botched eyes?

Dr. Rosenthal’s answer:

Blepharoplasty Surgery is not simple

Upper lid or blepharoplasty surgery is not simple but rather requires precision and expertise to yield a rejuvenated appearance. Properly done the upper lid scar is placed in the lid crease and usually does not extend beyond the lid to the temple.

As the eyelid skin is delicate the resulting scar is most often thin and barely visible.  However, the repair process takes time to accomplish this result. At times droopy brows will require a combined browlift and lid surgery to keep the scar within the confines of the lid. By lifting the outer brows and smoothing out the extra lid skin and bulging fat allows for a natural and refreshed appearance.

Likewise, the lower lid scars should be placed below the lashes so that they will blend in with the normal skin lines. Take a look at web sites, of surgeon’s, that offer their own before and after photos and then have a consultation to determine the techniques that will be used.

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