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Blepharoplasty – Natural Eyelid Rejuvenation

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The “Ides of March” or middle of the month is gone but the “Eyes of May” are upon us.

Yes, the Eyes, or more notably your lids, are more in focus than ever before. No hats or scarves to cover up, the spring and summer are times to be free of encumberments.

Our eyes are the gateway to our inner self. The first few moments of an encounter may determine the future of what is to come. If you appear sleepy, tired looking and without overflowing positive energy, you may be labeled with a moniker that is not befitting you.

Eyelids are merely curtains that flutter up and down. With the onset of time, the lid skin, the thinnest upon the body, stretches or sags.
Likewise, the supportive fat that surrounds the globe, and is held in place by the deeper lid structures, becomes lax. We then see bulging of these fat compartments, two located in the upper lids and three in the lower, break up the smooth appearance of the lids.

Often, we focus upon the upper lid droopiness or loss of shape. Makeup smears and concealer ends up concealing very little. We need to focus our attention on the 4 lids. And here is why:

Consider painting two walls of your living room with a lovely, enthusiastically brilliant paint and leaving the other two walls in their same dull state. Your refurbishing endeavors show an improvement if you only face southward, but a 360 sweep of the room reveals unfinished business.

So, too, are the needs of the upper and lower lids. They work in unison and need to match well. The 4 lids require a joint effort at rejuvenation if they are to look their best. A natural and lovely appearance requires great sculpting efforts with meticulous care.
The good news is there is little discomfort and the scars, if done well, are hidden in creases or under the lashes. I have developed techniques for a natural appearance that smoothes out the bulges above and below and removes the sagging skin to reveal your lovely eyes.

Now you can flirt to your heart’s content, wear makeup without having to manually lift your lids, and you will appear bright, alert and just “pretty”.

More on the lid procedure called “blepharoplasty” later, or if you are in need of a quicker answer, you can check out my web site for additional insight.

The “Ides of March” have come and gone but lid rejuvenation is here, so be a show off.

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Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon – Artist

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