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I am so happy for this new dimension in my life. There is energy and lightness, fun and satisfaction coming from this transformation. Thank you for guiding assisting, and completing this most interesting process. I remain a believer in your artistry and skill—yet amazed by it. DS

Jeffrey Rosenthal MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon l Former, Chief Plastic Surgery at Bridgeport Hospital

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Art Exhibit Fairfield University Walsh Art Gallery

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An art showing is a celebration of life and all the various nuances that give meaning to the newly formed day.  There has never been an attempt to copy nature in all its splendor, rather sights, sound, textures and images, which lie but a hairs breath from our finger tips, has been harvested into an eclectic array of painting, drawing, sculptors and writings over the past 51 years.


There are many advantages to being a self-taught artist; the normal constraints that shackle and bind the imagination are not in place. Artistic freedom is experiencing the entire process from start to finish. A glimmer of light enters my consciousness mind, I revile in the thought of what I will do with this small ray of light.

Mixing a rainbow of colors to create a vibrant bouquet is allowable and even desirable.  Painting with leaves, flower petals, stems, rocks, string and whatever I found on the day of my sojourn enabled nature to play an integral role in my art.  There is a beginning to the artistic process but never a definitive end.

Likewise, who would have thought that decorating a wedding cake would open untold creativity venues, allowing me to embolden flowers or make a mane of hair for Sam, the ever-watchful lion.

Techniques seem to blossom from one other.  The copper armature, for the 75-pound lion, became the base for a mosaic ceramic and copper coffee table, which morphed into a bar.  So too, did my drawing and painting skills change with time and experience; but does not everything become clearer with the passage of time.

How does Plastic Surgery find its way into an art gallery?  There can be no higher form of art than to work on the human body. One must harness similar powers of thought, conceptualization and execution be it when sculpting a face on a beautiful living soul or when creating a facsimile of life in clay, stone or wood.

The various mediums that I work in serve me well during my surgical endeavors.

Eyes must see tiny variations, hands are taught to execute the wishes of ones mind and artistic creativity is part of all that I touch. To this end the shear exhilaration of the end result engenders a delight and thrill that makes my dedication worthwhile.

There is joy in creating.  From the moment the concept enters my conscious mind until it has become a tangible object d’ art.  Most of the art you see required a forward thinking process.  If it could be imagined, then I knew it could be accomplished perhaps not this day or next but surely tomorrow.

I am hopeful that you will be moved by some piece of art and this bit of essence will be nurtured so that some day you too, will feel the joy of following your dreams.

Download PDF about the art show at farifield university >

Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, M.D.

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